EPIC® Double Ferrule Series


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The EPIC® Double Ferrule valve is a poppet style check valve with compression tube connections. These connections are interchangeable with the most commonly used double ferrule connections in instrumentation applications.

The check valves are machined from 300 series stainless steel bar stock with Aflas® seat/seals and a 1/2-PSI stainless steel spring setting (cracking pressure) that can be installed in any flow orientation.

Additionally, the EPIC® series incorporates drop-in replaceable check mechanism (Replaceable insert kit sold separately) that is easily installed into the existing body without requiring additional assembly of checking components.

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Size & Dimensions

EPIC DF Size Dimensions

Pressure Temp. Table & Flow Data

Recommended service temperature for the EPIC® series is +10 to 400°F. Pressure rating is 1500 psi from +10°F to 300°F and 1395 psi at 400°F.

Pressure Temperature Table


EPIC DF Weights

Body Replacement Kits

EPIC DF Body Replacement Kits

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