EPIC® Flared Tube Series


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The EPIC® Flared Tube valve is a poppet style check valve with 37° flared tube connections. These connections meet SAE J514 & ISO 8434-2 dimensional standards.

The check valves are machined from 300 series stainless steel bar stock with Aflas® seat/seals and a 1/2-PSI stainless steel spring setting (cracking pressure) that can be installed in any flow orientation.

Additionally, the EPIC® incorporates a replaceable drop-in check mechanism (replaceable insert kit sold separately) that is easily installed into the existing body without requiring additional assembly of checking components.

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Size & Dimensions

EPIC FT Size and Dimensions

Pressure Temp. Table & Flow Data

Recommended service temperature for the EPIC® series is +10 to 400°F. Pressure rating is 1500 psi from +10°F to 300°F and 1395 psi at 400°F.


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