PULS UZK24.071 – Battery module with battery


Battery with Mounting Kit, For DC-UPS, 24V, 7Ah

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  • 24V, 7Ah Battery capacity (2x 12V batteries in series)
  • Small mounting footprint
  • 2m Power leads included
  • Includes a PT1000 temperature sensor
  • Includes an auto-resettable fuse for the center-tap Connection
  • 3 Year warranty, except for batteries, which are considered a service part

The UZK24.071 battery module utilizes two non-spillable maintenance-free VRLA lead-acid batteries (connected in series), that are assembled in one package with all the required wiring included.

The battery module is available in two different options. It can be ordered as UZK-module with a battery or as UZO-module without a battery which can be installed at a later date to avoid outdated batteries.

The battery module also includes a sensor board, which contains a temperature sensor and a center-tap connection terminal. The use of the sensor board enables to monitor and charge the two batteries individually and precisely, which extends the service life of the batteries and makes the use of matched replacement batteries unnecessary. The use of the sensor board is optional, the DC-UPS will also function without the sensor board installed.

Information Overview

Size (WxHxD): 137mm x 186mm x 143mm
Weight per Piece (excluding packing): 6000g
Mounting Method: Din-Rail

Data Sheet

UZK24.071 Data Sheet

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